Snowboarding at Mount. St Louis- Week 3 (and it just keeps getting better!!!)

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Remember when you were a kid at summer camp and your parents would come to pick you up and you would BEG THEM to leave you there because you were having so much fun?

Well, that was me yesterday. I did NOT want to leave Mount St. Louis in the afternoon, I wanted to spend all day practicing what my snowboarding instructor had taught me!

Yesterday’s lesson was all about confidence and turning- yep, apparently you’re not supposed to just go one way down the hill- who knew?! We kept working on turns and gaining the confidence to move faster down the hill and by the end of the day, we had moved up to an even bigger hill! Pair up my new skills with my new snowboarding gear from Corbetts Ski & Snowboard (by the way, they offer free shipping when you order online!) and I was having the best time ever!

Here’s a little bit of the lesson where Matt was super patient teaching me some turns and confidence on the hills!

This is one of the great things about Mount St. Louis, their beginner hills and teachers are excellent when it comes to helping true beginners like me. I’m actually counting down the hours until my lesson next week!!

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