Snowboarding at Mount St. Louis- Week 4

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It’s week 4 of my snowboarding lessons at Mount St. Louis and I’m FEELIN’ GOOD!!!!!

This week my instructor Matt challenged me by moving up a hill. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t slightly terrified, but I needed that challenge to show myself that I could get down the hill (without dying) AND it made me want to perfect the skills he has already taught me. Matt says I’ve improved so much in the few lessons I’ve had. My reaction? “Nahhh… not really… have I?”

Well, THIS was my first snowboarding video blog just 3 lessons ago….

And here is this week’s snowboarding video blog. Lesson #4 at Mount St. Louis in my super comfy outfit from Corbetts Ski + Snowboard. They shipped my outfit up to Barrie for FREE, so if you browse around online and see some items you like, order them and you’ll get free shipping too!

I guess Matt’s right… wow… I have improved! I feel more confident on my snowboard. I’m making turns. I can actually get up after falling down without yelling “SOMEBODY HELP ME!!!!”

Can’t wait for next week 🙂

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