Yeah…I’m Never Gonna Wear A Hair Tie Around My Wrist Again!

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*There are some graphic images in the video*

Sometimes I wear a hair tie around my wrist just so I have something to put my hair back like most people do… well NOT DOING THAT SH*T ANYMORE!!

WLKY reports Audree Kopp from Louisville, Kentucky got a nasty, life threatening infection which she got from wearing her hair tie around her wrist.

Apparently she first noticed a bump on her wrist  (which she thought was just a spider bite…still that would suck too) but the bump kept growing.

She went to the doctor for antibiotics, still didn’t help, bump kept growing.

So then Audree had to go into surgery  since the bump was just getting worst.

Her doctor said this was caused from her hair tie getting under skin through pores and hair follicles.

I know scary! Thankfully Audree is now okay.

Again….*There are some graphic images in the video*

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