“Leave Britney Alone” Guy Is Hot AF

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Who knew he was so hot underneath all that screaming/crying.

Remember that “Leave Britney Alone” guy?

Of course you do, it was made when Britney was going through a huge meltdown.

Chris Crocker, (yes that’s his name so you can stop calling him that “Leave Britney Alone” guy…jk once you’re known for something it sticks with you) is now easy on the eyes.

Meaning… he’s hot AF now.

Late night thoughts.

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My grandmaw told me to post this "because I look mature" she says 🤓

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I’m sure he was good looking before but it’s hard to tell back then with all the yelling, and crying.

I can be yo hero baybah

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He’s apparently a singer/comedian (that’s what he says on Instagram).


But never forget…

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