A “Friend” Stole This Woman’s ‘Roll Up The Win’ Prize On Facebook

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This is like Canadian grand theft!

It’s roll up the rim season at Tim Hortons and you know how exciting it can be when you actually win something!

And because you’re so excited you might even post your winning cup on Facebook, just make sure you don’t have THE ABSOLUTE WORST FRIEND IN HISTORY!

Margaret Coward from Newfoundland rolled up a $100 Tim’s card and posted a photo of her cup on Facebook.

But a “friend” took note of Margaret Cowards winning pin and redeemed  her $100 Tim’s card online!!


Coward said,  “I feel stupid for posting the pic. However, I didn’t know, along with a lot of my other friends that you can redeem online. I want others to be made aware of the rules.”

 I read on Buzzfeed that she had 900 friends and when this whole thing went down she was left with 899.

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