Jennifer Lopez Gets Hate For “Ain’t Your Mama” Co-Produced By Dr. Luke

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Earlier this week Jennifer Lopez released her new song Ain’t Your Mama.


Pretty good right?! It was written by Meghan Trainor.

& co-produced by Dr. Luke….

Yeah…Dr. Luke, the one who Kesha accused of sexually abusing her for years that he denied because he says she’s trying to just get out of her record contract. There was also a huge legal battle where the #FreeKesha started and on Wednesday a New York State judge rejected most of her rape claims because there was lack of evidence.

So when people heard Dr. Luke was involved with J-lo’s track they were not too happy with Jenny from the block or Meghan Trainor.


Now here’s the thing, Meghan Trainor wrote Ain’t Your Mama years ago, so before the lawsuit and according to E! News, “Dr. Luke had no involvement in the finished production and Lopez never at any time actually worked with him on ‘Ain’t Your Mama’ in the studio or otherwise.”

Even with a lot of hate for the song “Ain’t Your Mama” is already at #8 on the iTunes sales chart.

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