I Love This New Netflix Hack App!

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I can’t be alone here, you launch Netflix and you spend more time trying to decide on what to watch than you do actually watching anything! It’s great to have so many choices but it’s also so frustrating and this new app wants to help!


It’s called Mighty TV and Brian Adams, CEO, and co-founder of the app said, “We designed a new algorithm for personalization that learns about you in real-time and has the ability to combine your taste with friends to help you find new video together. You’ll spend less time looking and more time watching video you love.”


How it works: Launch the app. See the movies and shows that are presented to you, swipe right if  you like them, left if you don’t. Sound familiar? It’s just like Tinder! If you’re unsure, you can swipe up and skip it! Cool! If you LOVE something, swipe right and hold! Options baby! You can create watchlists and see what’s trending and more!

Check it all out here: http://tinyurl.com/jm2vprv

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