Justin Bieber’s Comment On A Prince Tribute Pissed A Lot Of People Off

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It was also really bad timing.

Prince, who is known to a lot of people as an icon and musical genius passed away Thursday morning at the age of 57. It was very sudden and shocking to the world so of course there were a lot of tributes for Prince.

One of those tributes came from Justin Bieber’s guitarist Andrew Watt who wrote in an Instagram post that Prince was “the last of the greatest living performers.”

Bieber quickly corrected him by saying, “Well, not the last greatest performer.”


Bieber got a lot of hate for his comment. Maybe Bieber meant HE is a great performer that is still living OR an artist he really looks up to that is also still alive is a better performer. Either way it might have been bad timing but Bieber can have his own opinion that you might not agree with and that’s okay.

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