Eating Naked At A Restaurant? Yay or Nay?

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The Bunyadi is a clothing optional restaurant in London. Everything about the restaurant is natural, so they encourage you to be in your most natural state as well!

There are three key factors to this, the brains of the operation Sebastian Lyall says:

Number One:  “The trend of healthy food, using clean food, naked food. Our food is home-grown. Our cutlery is edible. We don’t have anything made of plastic, metal and we won’t use electricity or gas.”

Number Two: “Liberation from technology. We all get bothered by people on their phones while eating. So you can’t bring any kind of technology in.”

Number Three: “This is where the [clothing] option comes in. We are creating an atmosphere inside the restaurant, where if you feel comfortable, you can take your gown off – which we have given you when you arrive.”

Almost 27,000 people have put themselves on the waiting list! Will you be next?


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