Oxford Dictionary Adds New Words…But Some Aren’t Actually Words

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The Oxford English Dictionary adds new words all the time…but I definitely thought that these words were already in the dictionary…

They recently added…

  • BRB (be right back)

  • butt cheek

  • butt crack

  • butt-naked

  • butt-ugly

  • calorie-controlled

  • choirgirl

  • Dirty martini

  • Fun-sized

  • glamping (glamourous camping)

  • IDC (I don’t care)

  • Secret shopper

  • spray tan

  • stalkerish (adjective for displaying stalking behaviour)

  • trout pout (swollen lips after cosmetic injections)

  • wow factor​

That’s not even all of them! Here’s the whole list as of June!

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