Celebrities Support Leslie Jones After She Receives Racist Abuse On Twitter

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This is hateful, disgusting and I feel so bad for Leslie Jones.

If you watch Saturday Night Live you already know and love Leslie Jones. She’s hilarious on the show and she’s in the new Ghostbusters movie. She’s funny, talented, adorable and received a lot of messages from misogynistic, racists, dirt-bags since the new Ghostbusters came out.


Leslie clearly had enough (understandably) and she said racism is still very much alive (If you don’t think so you live in a bubble) and before quitting Twitter temporary she also said celebrities are still people and she worked her a** off.


The creator and co-writer of the new Ghostbusters, Paul Feig and other celebrities came out and supported Leslie. Not only that but hundreds of people started to tweet, #LoveForLeslieJ.


 #LoveForLeslieJ <3

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