Is There A Sticker On Your Starbucks Cup Logo? Then You Pissed Off Your Barista!

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Next time you order a drink from Starbucks and you see an order sticker right on its logo, you’ve most likely pissed off your barista!

Reddit user bemyfuse explained in their post why they cover your Starbucks logo on its cup.

“My petty joy is putting stickers on the siren logo when annoying teenagers order millions of fraps at once, so their instagram posts are ruined ¯_(ツ)_/¯ it’s the little things.”

That’s so freakin’ brilliant and evil! Everyone knows Starbucks drinks are pretty to take a picture of and there’s so many of them on Instagram especially with this craze for the new pink, purple, blue whatever drink. But with that order sticker on top of the logo it completely ruins the photo! Genius.

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